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San Telmo: history and art

The fairs of the Argentine capital have particular characteristics that turn them only. The old district of San Telmo, the architecture, the community and the diverse exhibitors of varied art forms are based on own life.

BUENOS AIRES. The Fair of San Telmo has stayed by more than three decades in a singular sector of the capital. The aged district, surrounded by buildings of century XVIII, lodges to thousands of tourists who each weekend hope to walk between the hundreds of products that are sold in their streets. 

The surroundings were fused with the fair and today they form an inseparable harmonic set, cradles of the suburb, payadores and the inmortal and sad tango. In order to know a little more about this market old things, where it is possible to find vitrolas, discs vinyl, already old-fashioned clothes, jewels, postal, tools and many other curiosities of long ago, Times of the World talked with the architect Jose Maria Rock. 

"When it was happened to us to make this fair in 1970, we occurred to account of that never had existed something of this type in the capital", it said Rock. It added that "it was like an adventure to do this in a district that until then was dead. This initiative was an injection of life for the sector; it began with 30 positions, and in a pair of months it got to have more than 300. It is a species of town, and it it has been from the beginning ". 

The architect commented that all the products that are commercialized in this site have belonged to different families. Rock, that in addition directs the museum of the city, indicated with pride that, for him, the fair is a being with own life that grows, dies and returns to bloom, assured. 

"I have seen be born small; they have invited me to the baptism; I have gone to the marriage, and I have even attended the baptism of the son of that boy. For that reason I say that it is a species of great family ", insisted. Also one talked about Ramon Mendoza, who by more than 25 years worked in the place selling coffee. This man, before dying, solicitd that its aged car, that crossed paving stones of the time, was in exhibition in the museum of the district. Today Mendoza is not, but its faithful vehicle has happened to thicken the list of the history, that through plates, pots and other peculiar elements, shows the soul from those who or has left, but that, of one or another form, decided to remain. 

Every week, between 10 and 15 thousand people they cross the fair, located in the D'orrego Seat, to only blocks of the Pink House and the Seat of May. While they appreciate history through his daily objects, the district of San Telmo welcomes in the tourists with dances in its paving stone streets, where they resound agreed of pain histories, like which it intoned another inmortal, the mythical one that tragically decided to start off, Carlos Gardel. 

Dante Kings 

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