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A seal of identity for Montevideo

The voices, the colors and the atmosphere of this surroundings constitute a distinguishing element of the capital of this country. The dominical fair Tristán Narvaja offers manifold products between which antiques and tamboriles are told. In more than six blocks it reunites commercial positions able to satisfy al buying more demanding. 

MONTEVIDEO. Thousands of people are congregated in the dominical fair Tristán Narvaja in the capital, to buy and to sell all type of products, to the best style of the ' markets of pulgas' of some European cities. 

With its colorful and characteristic aroma, the sample is located in the Cord, centric district of the city, in front of the University of the Republic, and crosses more than six blocks including the cross-sectional streets where positions settle in which it is possible to find all type of products: eatable, books, discs, antiques, mascots, spare parts of automobiles, articles to dress, musical products of perfumería and articles, among others. 

Of a whole little 

Indeed, to little distance of the 18 of Julio, main the avenue of Montevideo, settles in the fair stand that sells tamboriles, one of more distinguishing the musical instruments similar to a drum of the city. The one that takes care of the premises, Leonardo, explained: "Tristán Narvaja has allowed me to move the business, has been an excellent opportunity for me". 

The retailer offers the three types of tamboriles more known ' chicos', ' pianos' and ' repiques' that he himself makes with much enthusiasm and dedication. Their clients are Uruguayan in the great amount and foreign tourists, reason why the demand is maintained during the year. "and others do not haggle at the time of paying what it is requested to them by each drum; around one hundred dollars ", it assured. 

Different it is the panorama between the salesmen of antiques of the sector, since they are not in agreement with the results obtained during the last years, product of the economic crisis of the country. "With the present panorama, one very is not motivated. We go to all the closings to obtain novel objects ", indicated one of the antique dealers. 

Nevertheless, Tristán Narvaja, it is constantly visited by those who wish to find that teaspoon that them lack to complete the average dozen of the familiar legacy. 

Like in all congregation of this nature, in the varied supply of products the falsified articles abound, like clothes, computacionales products and cigarettes, next to others, whose low price makes think that they entered from contraband the country, or that simply was robbed. 

Many of the feriantes have continued activity in the heading, and throughout all the week they mount his positions in different zones from Montevideo, without concerning the climate, during winter and summer. Anyway, its dominical presence in Tristán Narvaja is forced, like part of a rite, fact that with certainty must be counted between which they more long for the hundreds of thousands of Uruguayan which in the last years have emigrated to different corners from the world. 

Jose Ripoll 
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Times of the World 
Weeks of the 27 of January to the 2 of February of 2005

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