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Crowford Market

More then 100 year old market right in the hart of Mumbai city. One of the finnest master piece of british architecture.Sellig every thing from fresh vegitables to live animals including Gray parrot from Africa. The most wonderful thig of this market is that its tower clock is still working perfectly.

Автор: Nasirkhan Pathan

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Chor Bazaar (Thieves Market)

Chor Bazaar — Thieves Market — wasn't quite what I expected. I was expecting interesting antiques and things like that. What I found were piles of rusty wrenches, auto parts and the like. In this shot, the merchandise consisted of vehicle headlights, taillights, mirrors and other miscellany.

It was still an interesting place to walk through and walking from Crawford Market to here was a nice walk through many different neighborhoods and shopping areas.

Автор: Mike Chachich

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Market world

This is not only a market, it´s a market house, a market meeting point, a market family... It´s quite usual in India that someone´s life goes attached to his job ("Rickshaw hotel" told us one ricksaw driver at New Delhi because it was also his house)... Well, this is a market in Bombay, just look at it and be yourself with the conclusion. Thank you very much.

Este lugar no es sólo un mercado, también es un mercado-hogar, mercado-punto de encuentro, mercado-familia... Es normal en India que la vida de alguien esté ligada a su trabajo ("Rickshaw hotel" nos dijó un conductor en Delhi refiriendose a que el vehículo era también su casa). Resumiendo, este es un mercado en Bombay, míralo y sé tu mismo sacando conclusiones. Muchas gracias.

Автор: Miguel Parra Jimenez

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Mumbai Market

Horns a-plenty

Just another day at the market in Mumbai. I spent quite a lot of time there walking around and enjoying the atmosphere and the vibe.

This woman caught my eye. Carrying her daily shopping on her head without the slighted sign of discomfort. Just graceful.

Автор: Cigdem Ozdemircelik

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Mutton Street. They say if you've ever had anything stolen, this is where it will show up. TVs, antiques, faux-antiques, tools, records, dolls, furniture, and car parts can all be found in this bustling market area in Mumbai. As if to highlight the car horn's status in India, this vendor had them hanging like ornamental lights.

At least they were silent ornaments.

Автор: ben marans

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