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Фоторепортаж с 52 выставки-ярмарки "Блошиный рынок"

Винтажные ткани, наряды, очки, шляпки! Запонки, зонты, а также украшения антикварные ювелирные, винтажные брендовые и безымянные. Фаянс, фарфор, серебро, медь, латунь, бронза, хрусталь. Перечислять можно бесконечно! Лучше все увидеть самим!...


Пресс-релиз XLXII выставки-ярмарки "Блошиный рынок"

На блошином рынке есть все. Или почти все. Тем более, когда речь идет о выставке- ярмарке с пятнадцатилетней историей и участниками, которые способны удивить посетителей с самыми неожиданными запросами и даже добыть раритеты под заказ с блошиных рынков мира. ...


Пресс-релиз XLXI выставки-ярмарки "Блошиный рынок"

Формат нашего проекта существенно отличается от обычных блошиных рынков. Наш проект собирает лучшее со всех брокантов мира, антикварных магазинов и частных коллекций для удобства тех, кто ценит время....

Flea market style

Weekends spent at swap meets and yard sales pay off with the most individual style of all. If you're among the truly inspired, you can put together a distinctive decor with quirky second-hand finds.

From the formal to the funky and the exquisite to the weird, flea market style is shaped more by individual preferences than by any rigid set of rules. The key is to mix and match decades, regions and materials to come up with your own singular mix. For flea aficionados, the fun is as much in the process as the finished product. 

Flea market style is classy, kitschy, and everything in between!   Collectables such as old thread spools and ceramic figurines

Formerly functional items — old kitchen utensils, gardening tools — become purely aesthetic attractions. Collectibles like sports memorabilia, snuff bottles, and antique books can provide a focus, both for your decor and for your weekend rounds of local garage sales. 

The middle years of the twentieth century provide some of the most fertile ground for flea market style. Think bakelite phones, fiberglass lampshades, chrome and formica dinette sets. Look for kitschy knick-knacks like flying duck wall plaques, pin-up posters, and atomic-motif ashtrays. 

 Mixing the old with the new is at the heart of Flea market style.  The holiday seasons just aren't the same without them

For the cocktail set, a plywood boat bar is a true prize. Those who are serious about their period detail will seek out antique kitchen appliances like an enamel gas range on raised legs. And if the flea gods smile on you, perhaps you'll come away with an Eames chair or an orange vinyl diner booth. 

If your tastes run more to hand-painted china or vintage linens, of course, these refined objects can also be found at neighborhood garage sales and auctions. Flea market shopping requires a little more time, but the hunt for great junk is addictive! 

Juliette Guilbert

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