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Раритет в приоритете: как заработать на старых вещах

Большинство из нас стремятся освободить квартиру от ненужного хлама. И лишь немногие способны вещи с историей превратить в деньги. Как устроен бизнес рассказывают Макс Верник и другие известные антиквары....


Ложный след: Истории подделок в мире искусства

Совершенствование методов экспертизы подлинности происходит параллельно с развитием способов экспертизы обойти. Результаты этой борьбы все чаще всплывают в новостных лентах, и мы собрали несколько громких историй в мире арт-«фальшака», чтобы убедиться: картина на стене музея — не обязательно то, чем она подписана....


На блошиных рынках Москвы: кубинцы в поисках автомобильных запчастей

Кубинцы в поисках запчастей от советских автомобилей и тракторов 70-х стали частыми гостями московских блошиных рынков....


Aeroplane Records
Everyone who can remember the 1970s knows the frustration of trying to find a copy of an old LP on compact disc. In most cases, it is impossible and those golden oldies are gone forever. Well dust off your record player because at Aeroplane Records they have a huge collection of used and new records, CDs, cassettes and videos. This store brands itself as "Hobart's Different Record Shop" and the tag is true for you can even sell or swap your used records, cassettes, CDs and videos.
Address: 51-53 Victoria Street Hobart TAS 7000
Opening hours: 10am-5.30pm Mon-Wed; 10am-6pm Thu-Fri; 10am-4pm Sat &Sun.
Telephone: +61 (0)3 6234 9972
Neighbourhood: City Centre
Nearest train: Metro City Bus Terminal
URL: www.aeroplanerecords.com.au/
Email: mail@aeroplanerecords.com.au

Imperial Bookshop
Look for the signs so you do not miss the passage that houses this book shop which is a browser's delight. There is every chance you might just stumble across that title you have spent years searching for. On the other hand, ask, and the staff seem to know exactly which shelf or box to look in to give you just what you want. A huge stock includes Australiana, Tasmaniana, militaria and biographies. The range of recorded and sheet music is also impressive.
Address: 138 Collins Street Hobart TAS 7000
Opening hours: 9.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri; 9.30am-2pm Sat
Telephone: +61 (0)3 6223 1663
Neighbourhood: City Centre
Nearest train: Metro City Bus Terminal
Email: imperialbooks@hotmail.com

Salamanca Place
A row of beautifully renovated sandstone warehouses lines Hobart's historic waterfront. Built in the 1830s, they were centres for trade and commerce. Recently they have been tastefully converted into stylish bars, art studios, book shops, boutiques, restaurants, jewellery stores and outdoor cafes. A lovely place to window shop or relax with a cappuccino or purchase a beautiful (and original) reminder of your visit. Across the road are lawns and park benches sheltered by the spreading branches of plane trees that are transformed by a mass of fairy lights in the evenings.
Address: Salamanca Place Hobart TAS 7000
Opening hours: 24 hours daily.
Telephone: +61 (0)3 6230 8233
Neighbourhood: Salamanca
Nearest train: Metro City Bus Terminal

Salamanca Square
Behind Hobart's historic waterfront is an open space where you can escape from some of the hustle and bustle of Salamanca Place and sit back, enjoy a coffee and cake and watch the restful fountain. Local musicians often perform in the area, particularly in summer, and it is not unusual to be able to enjoy singers, flautists, guitar and violin players and sometimes a string quartet. Shops, including galleries, restaurants and coffee shops and attractions such as Antarctic Adventure are located in the Square.
Address: Salamanca Square Hobart TAS 7000
Opening hours: 24 hours daily.
Telephone: +61 (0)3 6230 8233 (Hobart Visitor Information Centre)
Neighbourhood: Salamanca
Nearest train: Metro City Bus Terminal

Taste of Antiques
If your loved ones can wait until after Christmas for their gift, it is worth visiting this annual gathering of dealers to select an exquisite piece of jewellery, an artwork or a superb piece of furniture. Tasmanian antiques are competitively priced, and here under one roof buyers can browse and inspect a variety of beautiful pieces. This is Tasmania's biggest antiques and collectibles fair so there is sure to be something to suit the most discerning of buyers. Admission: AUD6; children under 16 free.
Address: City Hall, Macquarie Street Hobart Tasmania 7000
Opening hours: 7pm-10pm Fri; 10am-10pm Sat; 10am-5pm Sun-Wed
Telephone: +61(0)3 6255 5223
Neighbourhood: City Centre
Nearest train: Metro City Bus Terminal

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